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How Accurate Business Records Increase the Value of Your Business

For business owners or independent contractors, keeping track of all your expenses and mileage throughout the year for tax time can be challenging. Without a cohesive platform to organize all of your business expenses, you will have to manually keep track of all the tax deductions in a given year, which can take a lot of time and be impossible in certain situations where you don’t keep good records of everything.

If you’re a business owner or self-employed individual, the good news is that there are several platforms and solutions out there you can use to keep track of your business expenses with ease. A lot of large companies are beginning to use expense tracking software solutions to lower their taxes by keeping accurate records of all their costs.

As a small business owner or someone who works for yourself also need to use some expense track to get tax savings on your income tax filing each year. Most business expense tracking platforms also assist in other areas of managing your finances, such as car mileage tracking, automatic tax savings deductions, and more.

With so many different options to choose from, it can be hard making a decision about which automated income tax solution is right for you. Well, one of the most intuitive and powerful business expense tracker software solutions out there is Taxbot.

Below, you’re going to find a comprehensive look at exactly what the TaxBot app is and how it can help you lower your tax expenses. Once you’re finished reading, you will be able to regain control over your business expenses in a way that allows you to focus on the aspects of your business that matter the most.

What is Taxbot?

TaxBot is a business expense tracking app available for both iPhone and Android users that allows you to keep track of all your business expenses throughout the year in one place. Since its creation, TaxBot has saved its users an estimated $1 billion on their annual tax returns.

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According to statistical data obtained from the TaxBot app users, it only takes about 12 minutes each month for you to organize all of your expenses so that they are ready when income tax season comes around. This is a substantial time-savings that will allow you to focus on more critical aspects of your business instead of putting an immense amount of time into bookkeeping activities each month.

TaxBot, at its core, is an automated expense tracker that comes packed with several beneficial features business owners of all sorts will appreciate. The app was created by a team of individuals who are passionate about helping businesses lower their yearly tax expenses so that they can reinvest that money back into their company operations.

The automated accounting features offered by TaxBot make it easy for virtually any business to benefit from lower taxes, higher tax deductions, and tax savings that help improve your bottom line profits.

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Benefits of using Taxbot

TaxBot offers several benefits designed to help make the process of organizing your business expenses much more straightforward. For starters, TaxBot is one of the only automated expense tracker products that put an emphasis on IRS and & CRA tax compliance to ensure you’re always protected against any legal issues during tax time.

At the end of every tax year, TaxBot gives you the ability to print out what is known as an AuditSafe Report, which includes key information such as your entire driving log, photocopies of all your notes, and receipts to ensure compliance, and a profit/loss statement. You can send this report to your accountant for them to compare it against any expense submissions you’ve given them to make sure you’re meeting all of your tax obligations.

Another great benefit of implementing TaxBot into your expense tracking process is that you can try out all of the platform’s features risk-free for 14 days as a new user. You also have the ability to select an annual or monthly subscription; however, the yearly subscription option gives you a lower rate overall, making it the better deal.

TaxBot only costs $10/mo. or $100/yr. which is significantly less than other tax and business expense tracking software options. By using TaxBot, you can rest confidently knowing that you will be receiving all of the tax deductions you’re eligible for without uncertainty.

Now, let’s take a more in-depth look at the features that come with the TaxBot platform so you can get a realized view as to why it can be so beneficial to your bookkeeping needs

One of the main features of the TaxBot platform is its expense tracking option. This feature gives you the ability to take pictures of all your notes and receipts simply, and they will then be matched to the specific bank or transaction recorded previously. If the app detects a new transaction by way of a receipt copy or some other financial related input, it will add it automatically to your expense total.

This is such a great feature because it enables you to know that you’re receiving the maximum amount back on your tax returns each year. The app automatically captures receipts and other financial correspondences sent to you via email, which helps manage all of your business expenditure records.

TaxBot keeps a detailed record of all your credit card and bank transactions so; at the end of the year, you can sift through each one to verify that everything has been recorded, or, you can simply submit your income tax file with the information collected by the app on autopilot.

The TaxBot app is so powerful that it can actually fill in missing financial transaction data and categorize it for your review. All you have to do is approve the correction, and it will be logged in your expenses record. This provides a comprehensive safeguard that will maximize your tax savings while ensuring that you meet all tax filing regulations outlined by the IRS.

Whether you own a business that is specifically catering to the transportation industry or transportation is a big part of your business, one of the most significant tax deductions you can put on your annual filing is mileage. With TaxBot, all of your mileage will be recorded through the app using the activity from your device’s GPS.

TaxBot offers one of the most intuitive car mileage tracking features as it gives you total control over how you record your business-related rides. One cool feature of mileage tracking through the TaxBot app is that you can set a calendar appointment for your business trips, and once you complete the ride, it will automatically be logged in your expenses.

That means you can essentially set an entire month of calendar appointment in advance and simply forget about them since they will be captured automatically once completed. This takes the tedious work of keeping track of your miles manually out of the equation so that you can focus on your business’s most critical aspects.

Once your car mileage has been captured, TaxBot will display each trip with a detailed map containing the exact route you traveled for each trip. The app will also display the estimated amount every trip costs in gasoline according to the current market prices for oil and the type of vehicle you register when creating your account.

If you need to, TaxBot gives you the ability to easily merge your trips to reduce the number of individual trips displayed on your app dashboard. Consolidating trips is also another great way to lower taxes as it essentially makes the trips look “more important,” which provides credibility for IRS tax compliance purposes.

TaxBot gives detailed analytics about each trip, and all of the car mileage incurred during it. You will see a detailed map that includes the exact beginning and ending address of each trip, not just the state or city in which it was conducted. This gives you the ability to pinpoint exactly where your most substantial mileage expenses are coming from to further optimize your operations.

The app will automatically capture all of your business mileage expenses, and all you have to do is classify them with the swipe of one finger whenever it’s most convenient for you. Keeping a detailed and accurate record of all your mileage expenses can help you experience tremendous tax savings, which is why TaxBot is such a powerful automated business expense tracking solution.

If you’re a business owner who is interested in increasing your knowledge about tax deductions and how to maximize your tax savings year after year, TaxBot university is perfect for you. TaxBot university is undergoing a renovation and will now be accessible under the name “Taxbot Midas.”

Taxbot Midas gives you access to in-depth courses, training materials, videos, and support all related to lowering your taxes and teaching you how to manage all of your business expenses better so that you can make the filing process much more comfortable.

If you happen to be a pre-existing member of Taxbot university, you’ll be able to enjoy a special offer to sign-up for the new Taxbot Midas so that you can continue educating yourself about how you can lower your taxes while maximizing deductions.

While most businesses have dedicated accountants to handle their expense tracking and tax return issues, it’s never wrong for you as a business owner yourself to consistently educate yourself about the various laws and processes involved with expense tracking and tax management in general.

One of the primary benefits of doing so is that you will be able to create a safeguard for yourself and business against any shady practices by untrustworthy business partners or accountants you may come in contact with. The best part about it all is that you can enjoy all of these learning resources while seeing them happen automatically thanks to the TaxBot app.

Joining the TaxBot Midas program will give you access to TaxbotU courses and a wide range of other materials that can be very beneficial when it comes time to file your taxes.

As we mentioned before, Taxbot is all about helping you lower taxes when filing your tax returns. However, the app is dedicated to doing so in a completely legal manner, which is why it offers a unique feature known as AuditSafe Reports.

AuditSafe Reports are generated at the end of each tax year, and they contain important information that can help you ensure you’re meeting all IRS compliance requirements for the current tax year. AduitSafe Reports include a detailed breakdown of your entire mileage log, so either you or your accountant can perform a secondary review to ensure all of the data is correct.

These reports also include detailed descriptions of all your receipts, notes, and transaction data for further protection against any discrepancies which may arise during the filing process. You’ll also be able to view a complete profit/loss statement that can be used to get an accurate picture of exactly how much money your business brought in during the calendar year.

With AuditSafe Reports, you never have to worry about incorrect business expense records becoming a problem on your tax returns. The best part about it is that all of these activities happen without you having to do a thing.


As you can tell from the review above, TaxBot is a powerful business expense tracking app that puts the power of lower taxes and accurate deductions right at your fingertips. All of the various features offered by Taxbot are unique because the only alternative to them is manually capturing all of the multiple transactions and receipts that you receive on a daily basis.

If you’re a business owner who is tired of paying extremely high income taxes or simply wants an easier way to manage all of your bookkeeping records, Taxbot is the perfect solution to your needs. Don’t forget, when you use Taxbot, the validity and security of your financial transactions are all kept tightly wound together, which provides a level of transparency that you won’t find with traditional accountants or business expense tracking products.

With TaxBot, the need for tons of paper files or manually inputting all of your yearly transaction data into a dedicated spreadsheet is a thing of the past. Take the guesswork out of your income taxes and lower the number of tax obligations you’re responsible for at the end of the year by letting TaxBot automate all of your expense tracking needs.

Keep in mind, while TaxBot is a powerful stand-alone solution that can handle all of your tax filing requirements independently, you can also use the various features it offers in conjunction with a professional accountant for an even more thorough and optimized tax filing.

Start taking control over your tax deductions by managing your business expenses the smart way using TaxBot! Visit the official TaxBot website today and click on the download link to see how you can start using it to benefit your business today.

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