Know How to Improve your Credit Score

Bad credit can make it harder for you to get a loan or a credit card. Having excellent credit can save your dollars in lower interest rates, but with the bad credit you have to pay the high-interest rates and you will also get a low credit limit. even with bad credit, you can’t apply for credit cards, but thanks to credit cards for bad credit that is available for you, if you’ve low credit score.

If you’ve bad or poor credit, you may be thinking about how to increase your credit score? How to apply for a credit card with bad credit or poor credit?? don’t worry, you still have hope in this article we’ve mentioned more steps that you can take to begin raising your credit score.

Pay off past dues

35% of credit score is in the hands of payment history, that’s why payment history is the most important determinant of your credit. if your payment history is not good, more it spoils your credit score. First, clear all the payment dues to increase your credit score. do your best to pay the past-due payment, then the lender will update the account status which will reflect favorably on your credit score.

Avoid new Purchases

New credit card purchases will increase your utilization rate. more of your credit score may be affected because high of your balances will make your credit utilization also high. so make sure to keep your credit utilization rate below 30%. pay cash for your new purchases instead of using credit cards to minimize the impact on your utilization rate. it will be better if you avoid your total purchases.  

Apply for New Credit Cards

Don’t worry instant approval credit cards for bad credit are also available. Many credit card companies offer credit cards for bad credit, so apply for credit card online. But, remember you’ve to pay for this high-interest rate and you’ll also get a low credit limit. You may also get fewer benefits and perks of the credit card, as you have a bad credit score.

Leave your Accounts Open

it’s happened in very rare situations, that closing a credit card will increase your credit. make sure that it won’t negatively affect your credit before closing your account. it’s preferable to leave your account open and pay your dues on time. closing an account may affect your credit score even if your card has a zero balance. so, let your accounts open and improve your credit score.

Get professional help

If you’re worried about your credit situation, don’t worry consumer credit counseling is always available to assist you. you can take the help of certified credit counselors in creating a budget, getting your finances in order, and put together a debt management plan. find a trustworthy credit counselor, they will guide you on how to improve your credit score.

Be patient and continuously monitor your credit, pay your bills on time, and minimize your expenditures. At last, you have to be patient, as your credit score will not improve overnight, you have to wait.